Set criteria or create your own wedding?

Wedding venues

It's a bit of a battle. You are looking around wedding venues and picturing your dream wedding. Which of the venues are going to fit the best?

What often gets overlooked is what comes with the venue? Are you going to be tied into using their suppliers, a pre-set menu and their entertainment suppliers?

When you have set your heart on the venue, quite often you accept this despite it not being what you pictured.

Some venues offer great flexibility, others are pretty set in what you are able to include and therefore sacrifices need to be made. You can save a lot of money by researching and selecting your own suppliers, however not all venues will allow you to do this.

The important thing when choosing a wedding venue is to try to ensure you think of all the elements you would like for your wedding and ensure you ask about them when you visit the venue. Here are a few that may help you compile your list:

1. Are there caterers we can choose from or can we bring in our own?

2. What time is the music allowed to go on until?

3. Can we arrange our own bar?

4. Are we able to arrange our own live band or DJ?

5. Is confetti allowed at the venue?

6. Are we limited to a certain number or day guests and evening guests?

7. Is their a minimum number of guests?

8. What is the booking deposit and is this refundable?

9. Are there any price savings for different days of the week?

10. Does the venue offer accommodation for guests?

11. Can we decorate the venue ourselves? If so are there any items we are not allowed to use?

12. When does menu choices, seating plans and full payment need to be sent to you by?

Choosing your venue should be an exciting time, not stressful. Weddings do get stressful especially as they get closer to the day so pick a venue where they are flexible and willing to help even from the first visit.

If you have a particular theme in mind, perhaps look for a venue when you can create and build your own wedding from scratch. Field hire and hall hire in your local area is a great place to start - and huge savings can be made from simple little touches like making your own favours, decorations and invites that go with your creation!

You are not restricted to certain suppliers so can truly make the wedding your own. It also makes the wedding more personal to you and your partner.


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