Dog Walking Field


Exercise your dog(s) without the worry of other dogs or people!  We can never guarantee fully secure - it is fenced with sheep fencing so small squared wire fencing... occasionally rabbits burrow but we fill this in. 

We offer a free trial for 30 minutes for you to test the field out with your dog(s).  Please head over to our facebook page to request an appointment or contact us.  

£5 for half an hour or £7.50 for an hour.  ​This is per household, not per dog. So if you bring 4 dogs and they are all your own, it is the one cost but if you friend joins you with her/his dogs, they need to pay the £5 or £7.50. We trust people to let us know if two households are coming.

Please note this is a working farm - we may need to change which field you can use, the fields are used by other animals at times so there will be some messes here and there, the fields are fenced but we cannot take responsibility for dogs forcing themselves under the fence or gates (please come and view the field free of charge before booking if you are concerned).  

If you are from a Rescue Organisation or a dog trainer/behaviourist, please contact us for multiple bookings.

Here's a few videos to show you the field - there is a black box in the field with plenty of toys in to entertain your pooches!